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Piston Singles

1961 Piper Comanche 250

Low total time. Only 875hrs SMOH. Arguably the best overall cross country aircraft ever made. Incredibly fast, roomy cabin, and low price!


1959 Piper Comanche 180 STOL

Rare Piper Comanche 180 Robertson STOL Conversion


1966 Cessna 150F

The experience of flying has never been this affordable! Own the tried and true Cessna trainer that has been the benchmark of safety and value for over 60 years


1976 Cessna 172M with AirPlains 180hp Conversion

The perfect compromise of performance, comfort, reliability and safety is exactly what the 180hp Cessna 172 brings to the table. 


1976 Mooney M20F

Ever think a certified plane could fly four people at 145kts burning less than 11gph? Well, this is the one! Get the value of a M20F but with all the STC's and upgrades that make it essentially a Mooney M20J aka 201.


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